Cloud based phone system for small business

Choosing a Cloud Based Phone System For Your Small Business

Choosing a cloud-based phone system for your small business should be a process of trial and error. You want a system that works for your company, not your budget. That’s why it’s a good idea to research the features of several cloud-based phone systems, try out a free plan, and eventually transition to a premium plan. There are a variety of SMB-friendly, high-quality options available.


Grasshopper is a cloud phone system that lets you control your phone system from a web portal, desktop application, or mobile device. You can choose which numbers to forward to, what order to ring them in, and even the number of hours you want them to ring. Grasshopper also gives you unlimited text messaging and support for extensions. It has an easy-to-use online portal for managing your phone system.

Grasshopper has a dedicated support center on their website that offers live chat support, phone support, and troubleshooting tips. Their customer support staff is friendly and quick to respond to questions and follow up with emails. If you do experience a problem, Grasshopper offers a free trial. Grasshopper also has a comprehensive knowledge base with tips and tutorials for troubleshooting.

Grasshopper makes small businesses seem like much larger. With its phone system, every office member has their own extension. It includes features like customizable main greetings, routing extensions, a name directory, music on hold, and voice studio. With the Small Business plan, you can have unlimited extensions. It also includes caller ID, voicemail transcription, and voicemail. You can even use an extension for your mobile device.

Grasshopper gives you a local phone number, a toll-free number, and virtual extensions for every employee. You can transfer your current phone number through a free 7-day trial. The free trial requires you to confirm your phone number. The system also allows you to customize your settings online, including adding users, departments, and listening to voicemail. Grasshopper is an affordable, cloud-based phone system for small businesses.


The 8×8 cloud based phone system for your small business can offer a number of benefits to your company. Its low-cost plans are designed for businesses with just a few employees, but as your business grows, you may find the monthly costs increase significantly. You can opt to port your current business phone numbers, which typically takes eight days for a local number, but up to five weeks for a toll-free number. The 8×8 cloud phone system is controlled through an online portal called the Configuration Manager, which allows administrators to configure the phone system themselves. The process is quick and easy, and your IT department does not have to be involved in the process.

The 8×8 cloud phone system is compatible with many devices, including smartphones and tablets. Employees can use the mobile app to make and receive calls from their business lines, as well as check voicemail and chat with co-workers. Additionally, 8×8 comes with a conference bridge feature, which enables each employee to hold their own conference call with up to 15 participants. The system also allows employees to communicate via chat or video, which makes it ideal for companies that are international.

The 8×8 cloud phone system can be easily configured online, and users can manage their phone features from anywhere. The 8×8 portal allows administrators to manage user accounts, extensions, ring groups, call logs, and other features. They can also log in and manage their own email accounts, access voicemail, and look up corporate directories. Users can even configure call-forwarding routes. The 8×8 cloud phone system can save both time and money.


Depending on how many users you need, Aircall has three different service plans: Professional, Enterprise, and Essentials. All three plans are paid monthly or annually. The service features tiered pricing, with the higher-tier plans featuring more features. The free plan includes a single local number, unlimited calling within the U.S., and SMS text messaging to France and other countries. Custom plans include dedicated account managers and one-to-one onboarding sessions.

The flexibility of Aircall means that you can easily add new numbers in 100+ countries, onboard multiple teams, and adjust settings as your business changes. The service is accessible via desktop, mobile, and web, and you can access it anywhere you have Internet access. Aircall allows you to sync call details with your CRM, review call recordings, and keep track of follow-ups, so that you can focus on more important tasks.

With Aircall, you can manage your customer relationship management and sales operations without the hassle of installing or maintaining complex hardware. Aircall integrates with popular CRM and helpdesk tools, making it easy for your support and sales teams to interact. Its cloud phone system also allows you to quickly add numbers in more than 100 countries, scale your team according to seasonality, and access all your contacts from anywhere. With Aircall, you can even integrate with your accounting system, email provider, and other business tools.

Cloud based phone systems are an excellent option for small businesses. They enable you to work from anywhere with a web connection and access your CRM. Additionally, cloud phone services offer additional benefits, such as analytics and software integrations. You can also easily manage your phone system from anywhere, even if you’re not at the same location as your business. When your company is growing, you can also expand the number of employees and departments through these cloud phone systems.

RingCentral MVP

The RingCentral MVP cloud based phone system for your small business offers a wide range of features that you can use to manage your phone systems. From custom voicemail greetings to overhead paging devices, RingCentral offers a comprehensive system that fits your business needs. It allows you to integrate all of your phone system communications with key apps and cloud storage providers. Additionally, it offers features for conferencing, outbound dialing, and performance management.

Its cloud PBX solution revolutionizes call management, office phone system administration, and user experience. It features such features as Auto-Receptionist, which welcomes and directs your callers anywhere. You can also customize your phone menu and add features like self-service. Additionally, RingCentral’s user portal allows you to assign roles and assign permissions to your employees. If you want to keep a simple system, you can transfer your existing phone numbers to RingCentral.

RingCentral also offers physical plug-and-play VoIP phones for small businesses. These phones are available for lease or purchase. They look like regular landlines but are specifically designed for VoIP calls. While RingCentral provides phone equipment, you may need to purchase your own VoIP phones. If you do not want to purchase new phones, you can opt for a monthly phone rental option. If you’re unsure about the cost of purchasing your own VoIP phones, you can check out other RingCentral systems for small business.

Besides the standard features, this VoIP phone system offers a wide range of extra features for small businesses. A few of these features include a customizable auto-attendant that answers calls with a custom greeting, routes calls to the right department, and even records calls for later analysis. You can even record calls and share your Presence status with your colleagues or administrators. This system is also compatible with softphones and can be used on any computer or mobile device.

Ooma Office

If you’re looking for a multiline phone system for your small business, Ooma Office may be the right choice for you. The Ooma Office cloud based phone system requires no additional equipment and can serve your entire company’s line needs. To install Ooma Office, you simply plug an IP phone into a local area network port. You can also make calls on the device via desktop or mobile apps.

One of the major selling points of Ooma Office is its easy setup and intuitive user interface. Once you’ve installed the system, you can start using it immediately. The system’s free trial offer lets you try it out without committing to anything. You can also try it out for 30 days risk free! You’ll receive a free toll-free number, too, so you can give it a try. And as with most of their cloud phone systems, you can even get an online quote for your new phone system.

Small businesses will find that the Ooma Office cloud based phone systems are incredibly affordable. The price per user is around $10 to $20 per month. Larger companies can opt for more features and pay more money for the system. There’s no need to worry about the high cost of a cloud phone system when you can have a reliable phone system for your small business. Ooma Office makes the process of setting up a business phone system easy and affordable.

The Ooma Office cloud based phone service has many features that make it an excellent choice for small businesses. With the built-in help desk, you can manage your calls more easily, while your employees won’t have to wait on hold. The auto attendant feature is a voice menu system for your business that lets callers choose where to go next. It’s also known as a digital receptionist.

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